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Northeastern Nevada

Rifle & Pistol Assoc.

PO Box 1111 Elko NV 89803



We are sponsoring a CRO Range Officer Class

July 12th-13th 2014





Updated February 15, 2015

Rounded Rectangular Callout: Your membership, donations, and physical support are needed to continue our work of improving the range.
Come join us for a shooting event, and meet with your fellow shooters.
Northeastern Nevada Rifle & Pistol Assoc.

áRange improvements are made possible through donations, money raised at shooting events, and grants obtained from the NRA Foundation.á Grant money is raised at Friends of NRA banquets like the one in Elko.

The next fundraising event will be July 18th 2015 at the Elko Co Convention Center.á Starting at 4:00pm there will be games, dinner, and auctions.á Please attend.á But you do not have to wait till then to help out with range improvements.á You can join or renew your membership for 2013.á You can come help on range cleanup days or adopt a bench by making a range development donation of $200 or more.á




February 15, 2015

Ruby Mtn 3-Gun Registration is posted. Click on the link in the menu to complete the online form.

Hooray! The Elko Co Shooting Facility has finally been deeded to the County from the BLM. This is a huge step forward as we no longer have worry of the lease expiring and loosing the land. Join us at the County Courthouse Thursdsay Dec 4th for the presentation ceremony.


Our most recent improvement at the range is completing the generator house with funds from an NRA Grant. Barrick mining has donated several generators that will be rebuilt by the GBC Diesel education class. We will get one back for the range which will provide power for special events going forward. Power will also operate the well providing water opening up a whole list of things we can do to improving the property. Projects like a Educational Multi Purpose Building, camping sites, on site Caretaker/Range Master etc..

In the meantime your efforts to help maintain the facility and reporting any vandalism is appreciated. Join us for Clean-Up days as they are scheduled and participate in our events.


Pistol Matches are the 4th Saturday JanuaryŚNovember



Ruby Mtn 3-Gun Competition

May 22-24 2015



Memberships are Due in January of each year and membership runs Jan-Dec. If you join for the first time in the last quarter we will extend your membership to the next year. The new form is fillable by typing on the computer print it and mail it in.


If you have been wondering what you can do to help, come to a meeting, join in at a pistol match or other event. New and fresh ideas are always welcome but if you want a new event consider stepping up and making it happen. The core group of officers have been in one position or another for


See you on the range